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5 Benefits to Using SharedSpace for Launching Your Business

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Thinking of launching a new business? Congratulations! There are a million decisions to make in the beginning, and one of the most important is the “where.” Luckily, startups have more options than ever. Before signing the dotted line on a lease, check out shared workspaces. A coworking hub could be the location the answer you need. Why?

1) Great location

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: location, location, location! Launching a new venture requires clients and talented people, and you’ll want close proximity to both whether you’re a new PR firm or launching a new SaaS platform. Many coworking spaces are optimally located in or near busy employment centers or transportation hubs, placing you exactly where you want to be.

2) The right price

Cash is already tight. Leasing space is one of the most expensive aspects of launching a new business. There’s the lease itself, plus build-out costs, furniture, equipment–you get the picture. Don’t waste a dime renting brick-and-mortar. Take that money and invest into what really matters: hiring right personnel to grow revenue, developing the product, and marketing.

3) Easier to scale as profits grow

When you’re starting as a sole proprietor or a partnership, there’s no need for an expansive office. Shared spaces allow startups to pay for what you need at that time in your startup life cycle. Coworking hubs offer a variety of office sizes. Start out at a desk, expand to shared desks, and work your way to a small room as the business grows.

4) Professional tools included

Coworking spaces come with a variety of professional amenities to assist their community members. Common options include conference rooms, Wi-Fi, printing, copying, and coffee. Additional amenities could cover locked storage, mailing, and support staff. Every shared space has different policies on what’s included and what amenities cost a little extra, but paying for a few hundred copies is nothing like outright purchasing the machine, paper, and ink.

5) Get motivated

In a shared space, you’ll be surrounded by go-getters. These motivated startups, freelancers, and remote professionals create an inspiring atmosphere. Learn from their experiences, expand your network, and grow your business just from chatting over coffee. Coworking hubs often host networking events as another way to meeting new professional faces sharing the space with you. Who knows? The right marketing professional could have been working across from you all along!

Your first workplace should be a launching point, not a setback. Using a shared space to launch your business is a great way to network, save money, and access the tools you need to start a winning venture.

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