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5 Things Young Entrepreneurs Need

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While Every Young Entrepreneur Is Unique, Some Startup Needs Are Essential

Maybe you have just finished high school, college or graduate school, and you have a business or independent career idea that you truly believe in. Whether you want to create your own software program, launch an ecommerce business, or become a freelance magazine writer, you have all the passion and energy to turn your dreams into reality.

Most seasoned professionals will tell you, however, that success does not happen in a vacuum. There are definitely some things that you, as a young entrepreneur, will need.

The 5 Things Young Entrepreneurs Need

One of the defining traits of young entrepreneurs—or entrepreneurs of any age—is independence. You have a vision, and you decide that only you can make it happen in your own way and your own time. The truth is that is rarely how it works for successful entrepreneurs.

We talked to some of our young Atlanta coworking community members about their own entrepreneurial journey to see what 5 things have helped them the most.

  • A Steady Network and Community. Many young entrepreneurs try to work at home, among their housemates or even their parents, with mixed success. Our coworking members told us that they enjoy the professionally social nature of the coworking environment, which is a great way to meet potential business associates, investors or collaborators to help them achieve their vision.
  • A Trusted Mentor. Even with all the relevant education, young entrepreneurs have plenty to learn, and a mentor can help provide practical information not found in the classroom or books. Trusted mentors—some of our community members have even found coworking mentors—can provide a fresh perspective for young entrepreneurs stuck on a plan-of-action that promises questionable results, at best.
  • Enthusiasm and Community Support. You need to believe in your idea, service or product, and sitting in your home office may cause you to lose some of your initial enthusiasm. Working among fellow entrepreneurs and solo workers can definitely help you keep focus. Working in a coworking environment, you have a built-in community with whom you can share successes and setbacks.
  • Organization and Balance. Good organization helps you keep a good work/life balance. Even young entrepreneurs need to focus on health and well-being when launching a new business. Creating and maintaining a routine that includes going to your coworking desk helps you preserve a healthy home life while having your own space to focus on work.
  • Professional-Grade Technology. Sure, you have your laptop, solid WiFi and a trusted printer at home, but do you have a fully geared-up conference room with a projection system, Apple TV and whiteboard wall? Coworking community members cite these technology pieces as game-changers for times they needed to host new leads or investors.

Come Explore Our Atlanta Coworking Space to See if It Suits Your Entrepreneurial Needs and Vision

If you are in the area, you might want to consider booking a tour of our Atlanta coworking space to see if it is the right fit to help you launch your business. At SharedSpace, we love fostering young talent, creating connections and simply providing an upbeat and professional space where you can thrive.

Call us or start a chat session to let us know what you have in mind and when you would like to book your member tour or free day.

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