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5 Trends in Office Space Design

The way office space is designed is changing in big ways. In fact, a recent CBRE Research Report found that 52 percent of corporate executives anticipate implementing some level of unassigned seating in the workplace within the next three years to promote space efficiency and flexibility. The traditional office design with cubicles and offices is […]

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Modern Office Spaces Make People Happier

A recent article by the Orlando Business Journal claims that modern office spaces are making employees happier and more engaging at work. So, how exactly are these modern office trends helping to make professionals happier? Let’s take a look at four reasons why the modern workplace is increasing employee productivity, happiness and overall productivity. More […]

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Announcing SharedSpace’s New Partnership with IgniteHQ!

We’re extremely thrilled to announce our new partnership with the local Atlanta accelerator, IgniteHQ! IgniteHQ connects startups with international accelerators, funding opportunities, and talent to scale globally! As SharedSpace caters to similar entrepreneurs and startups, we feel strongly about a partnership with IgniteHQ being mutually beneficial to both parties and our members! Benefits of our […]

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Even the Big Guys are Buying Into Coworking

We’ve heard about companies like Microsoft and IBM allowing remote employees to work from coworking hubs. Now more big brands are forming partnerships with shared workspaces. A press release from WeWork predicted enterprise clients will grow by 360 percent over a twelve-month period ending June 2017. What is attracting these large, multinational companies to coworking? […]

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Proof Coworking Isn’t a Millennial Phenomenon

Coworking spaces carry an image associated with millennials. Speaking generally, society views these shared office spaces as hubs for the sweatshirt-and-jeans social entrepreneur, the artsy latte-loving graphic designer, and the optimistic fresh-faced newly graduate. In short, it’s associated with the younger members of the workforce. Don’t be fooled. We have proof coworking is for more […]

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Thriving as an Introvert in Shared Spaces

Ironically, introversion has received more attention over the last few years. Studies and leaders are recognizing introversion isn’t necessarily a “bad” quality, even if its contemplative traits go against the outgoing American stereotype. Even when pitching coworking spaces, we tend to paint them as ideal for the go-getter, extroverted types (and they are). If you […]

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