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Proof Coworking Isn’t a Millennial Phenomenon

Coworking spaces carry an image associated with millennials. Speaking generally, society views these shared office spaces as hubs for the sweatshirt-and-jeans social entrepreneur, the artsy latte-loving graphic designer, and the optimistic fresh-faced newly graduate. In short, it’s associated with the younger members of the workforce. Don’t be fooled. We have proof coworking is for more […]

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Thriving as an Introvert in Shared Spaces

Ironically, introversion has received more attention over the last few years. Studies and leaders are recognizing introversion isn’t necessarily a “bad” quality, even if its contemplative traits go against the outgoing American stereotype. Even when pitching coworking spaces, we tend to paint them as ideal for the go-getter, extroverted types (and they are). If you […]

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6 Predictions for Coworking Spaces

What’s flexible, professional, and changing the way we design offices? That’s right–coworking spaces! Demand for these creative shared spaces is driven by factors like millennials’ expectations for flexibility and mobile work, the expansion of the gig economy, and rethinking office space design. Here are some key predictions for the growth of coworking spaces. 1) Coworking […]

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Finding Your Inspiration

Each day can feel like a slog in the dreary winter months. And when a project takes longer than anticipated, or the days start to blur together, it’s easy to lose focus. Forbes recently published an insightful article about keeping the vision. With so much going on in the day-to-day, how we stay excited about […]

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Atlanta is #5 Coworking Market in the Nation

What’s not to love about the ATL? Great food, friendly people, serious entertainment–and now a shout out for great coworking spaces! JLL ranked Atlanta as the 5th top market for coworking spaces. At SharedSpace, we’re not surprised given what we know about Atlanta. These specific factors make Atlanta a prime market for coworking. 1) Atlanta […]

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Harnessing the Power of Natural Light

Please, don’t take my sunshine away! Study after study continues to show just how vital sunshine and natural spaces are to our overall well-being. Shuttering employees into artificially lit boxes heightens stress levels, negatively impacts sleep, and increases depression. For a more productive and healthy workforce, we must embrace windows and natural lighting. Health Benefits […]

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