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Community Spotlight: Learn With Lee

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1. How did you get started as a real estate agent sales coach?

The really long story made somewhat short (ha!) is that as a real estate sales agent during the worst part of the recession, I was growing my business.  As most of us recall, the most recent U.S. recession hit most industries hard but especially the real estate industry.  There was a mass exodus particularly from real estate sales but I was amassing a small fortune due to the recipe of 2 parts prayer and 1 part my hustle with social media.  I was able to start forming a team with a buyer’s agent and a virtual assistant.  After a while, my managing brokers at the firm I belonged to began to ask me to do training classes, start to mentor new agents, and eventually become managing broker at the budding realty firm.  I loved it!  Unfortunately, my body must not have ;-(.  Stress caused a health crisis for me that had me basically on bed rest for several months and I did not know if I would regain my ability to eat and speak.  Thank the Lord that I did!  My recovery was not and is not complete but I decided at that time to focus only on my favorite part, the training and mentoring a.k.a. coaching.

2. What initially made you interested in real estate?

Oh boy — that’s another long story that I won’t bore you with reading today.  Here’s the short version: I grew up with parents who were real estate investors.  Most people say, “That’s cool!” BUT for me, a girly girl, that meant I was cutting grass, repairing tile in tenant bathrooms, painting walls, and other property maintenance functions.  I thought, “This is for the birds” so when I moved to Atlanta from Michigan, I silently vowed to not have anything to do with real estate.  However, my move to Atlanta was prior to the recession, when real estate was having a historical boom.  Friends kept asking why I was not investing and I realized they were right.  So I bought some investment properties and did the maintenance that I had vowed to never do.  It was fun because the income was good.  From there, it only made sense to get my real estate license so that I could also represent myself and my sphere of influence on my real estate deals.  To my surprise, I got my real estate license around February 2008 when the recession was ramping up.

3. What do you love most about what you do?

People.  I was just sharing with Michael Everts yesterday that although there are some taxing parts of what I do (such as living out of a suitcase due to traveling to speak/train), I always love meeting and helping people.  There is no thrill for me greater than seeing the light in someone’s eyes sparkle because I just dropped a “knowledge bomb” (that’s what attendees call it – not my words lol) that can help them save time, money and other resources while growing their business.  My love for helping people is also why I did Alternative Spring Break and Americorps back in college and have gone on mission trips with my church.

4. Why is SharedSpace a good fit for your business?

I am a real estate girl so location, location, location!  For me, the SharedSpace Dunwoody location keeps me minutes from all of my metro Atlanta clients.  Those that have to commute in the A know that proximity is no small feat.  Beyond the perfect location, I love the people/community that SharedSpace provides from the staff (Michael and Abbey are superstars!) to the other businesses that frequent the space.  Then to top it all off, SharedSpace is very progressive.  In the year that I have been a member, the Dunwoody location has expanded, featuring the modern conveniences of a connected work life, and more locations are coming to other parts of town.  Location expansion will be key as the influx to Atlanta continues because even close commutes are getting lengthier and more stressful.

5. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

My bed lol and then to my next family reunion.  Just in the past couple of years, I have been to Amsterdam, Budapest, Manila, New York, Chicago, DC, Austin, TX, Omaha to just name a few.  The dear people I connect with are everywhere. I count it a privilege to be welcomed into their parts of the world but that means my own home and family see me least than I would want.

If you’re interested in checking out Learn with Lee, visit her website  or  facebook page.

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