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Coworking Promotes Healthy Work/Life Balance

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The Key to Healthy Work/Life Balance Is Simpler Than You Might Think with Coworking

Life as an independent worker is chock full of amazing benefits. The value of setting your own schedule has most likely offered far more benefits than drawbacks. However, there you may have days when you crave a new twist on the old-fashioned professional structure that an office setting provides.

As time moves on in your solepreneur or tech startup career, you may find that the walls of your carved-out space in your home or condo are closing in. Your family members compete for space to eat breakfast at the kitchen table, which doubles as your work desk. You may see daily chores—like mowing the grass or doing the laundry—that you start to do in lieu of working a proposal for an important prospective client, thinking you can get it all done, as only a proactive self-starter is wont to do.

Therein lies the beauty of leaving home to go someplace else to focus on work: the organic and healthy work/life balance of a designated workspace. The right coworking community may be just the solution you need.

Coworking Spaces Help You Draw a Healthy Line Between Home Life and Work Life

Working from home can easily distort the lines between your personal life and professional life. While coffee shops or the local college library can temporarily give you a sense of silent camaraderie among fellow digital nomads, it still may not provide quite the right balance you have in mind. Coworking spaces offer you a place to hang your hat and settle in to focus on the business of your business.

Consider a few of the reasons that our Atlanta coworking community members have given us as to how working in a shared space facility has helped promote a healthy work/life balance for them:

  • Getting Up, Out of Bed and Out the Door Is Essential. There is no doubt that getting up and out of bed at your own leisure is a fundamental boon of independent working, but at some point, you have to join the rest of the working world’s schedule or get left behind. Then at some point, the luster of lounging in bed with your laptop wears off, and you simply don’t have any place to go. Many coworkers cite this reason as critical in their decision to find a coworking location near home.
  • Meeting Fellow Self-Starters Helps Keep You Professionally Socialized. It is easy to become a borderline hermit when working at home, or even on the jaunts to the coffee shop since you don’t often engage in those spaces. And as much as you love chats with your dog or your four-year-old, that isn’t likely to help you break through a bout of writer’s block. In a coworking environment, you can bounce ideas off of fellow small business owners, code writers, graphic designers, gamers and legal consultants at the water cooler before eagerly getting back to your work desk to explore a freshly generated idea from your conversation.
  • Your Designated Coworkspace Is a Game Changer. Remember your cluttered kitchen table? You won’t have to worry about that again once you find and collaborate with the right coworking space. You can have your own designated workspace where you can keep all your work on it without having to worry about inconveniencing your family or housemates when they simply want to sit down to a meal without a pile of papers under their elbow. Don’t forget that it is also good for you to have a separate space for work and your personal life to keep things in balance. At the end of the work day, you can go home and leave work at work.

Visit Our Atlanta Coworking Space to See if We Can Help Restore Balance to Your Life and Work

If you have been struggling to keep your personal life personal and your work life professional, we might have just the environment you need here at SharedSpace in Atlanta.

Call or instant message us to today, or book a membership tour, to learn more about what we can do to help you find or create the right balance to help you succeed in business and stay happy and relaxed and home.

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