Why Coworking Spaces are Beneficial for Big Businesses

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Coworking spaces are rapidly expanding in the office market, and it’s not solely entrepreneurs and freelancers who are flooding them – big businesses want to take advantage of these innovative work environments too.

According to Deskmag’s Global Coworking 2016 Survey & Forecast, coworking spaces provide great benefits for big businesses, and are no longer only pertinent to entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, particularly those in the tech and service industry, have been reaping the benefits of coworking spaces since their conception. However, corporate America is now seeing a need and demand for coworking spaces as well. Big corporations benefit from coworking spaces by:

 Satellite Offices

Utilizing coworking spaces as satellite base “locations” for employees to meet clients, as most coworking spaces have bookable conference rooms. This increases productivity, as employees can avoid traffic or suit client needs by having the option to hold meetings in convenient locations.

Networking Opportunities

Collaborating and networking with community members, which leads to real business development and opportunities. Coworking members often become each other’s clients or business partners. Start-ups or companies new to a city typically do not have their professional service firm relationships in place with local providers and need connections.


KPMG, a global corporation that employs tens of thousands of workers, provides segments of their workforce the ability to utilize coworking spaces for these purposes, as well as to provide “flex-work” environments for their workers to break up the monotony of the traditional office environment.  

As an advisory firm, KPMG wants to work close to startups that could easily scale up and become clients. “Startups and high growth businesses are very different than large and established corporates, and we believe if it’s a market that you actively want to be in, you have to physically be there,” explains Patrick Imbach, one of the division leaders at KPMG.

 Innovation & Retention

Having access to innovation, stimulation and collaboration of ideas, as well as recruitment and retention aid – particularly for millennial employees who don’t want to feel like they are a cog in a large corporate wheel.


Taking advantage of the flexibility of month to month leasing for short-term needs or special projects. In these situations, coworking spaces become more useful from a cash flow and productivity standpoint. For most large businesses, having access to or an office in a coworking space has nothing to do with cost, but the lack of long-term commitment is still appealing.

 Build Synergy

Being part of a supportive and inspiring community without being affected by office politics. Instead of being isolated and disconnected while working in a cubicle, coworking allows workers to be a part of a stimulating synergy, feel connected, and form new business relationships. While traditional offices can create hostile competitiveness, coworking fosters confidence and increased productivity.

As stated from Deskmag’s Global Coworking 2016 Survey & Forecast statistics, coworking is not a fad or flash in the pan, but a growing trend that is creating a complete shift in the office leasing industry.

WeWorks, the leader of the industry, has created a $20B value in eight years, and SoftBank recently invested $4B to fuel their growth. With the flexibility and accessibility that coworking spaces offer, it is expected that there will be a significant growth in a typical real estate downturn.

Until then, coworking will continue to be a thriving market that appeals to all types of businesses. Traditional office settings are now a thing of the past, while coworking is the future of business.

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