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The budding relationship between coworking spaces and corporate America might have always been inevitable and only a matter of time. Leaders at large corporations are trained to know a fantastic idea when they see it, and further; they are trained to find a way to find a way to capitalize on that fantastic idea.

After 10 years on the market, coworking spaces have started to capture the attention and imagination of corporate America. Corporate leaders are more than ready to start courting the top Atlanta coworking spaces, as well as coworking facilities the world over.

How Did Corporate America Catch on to the Power of Coworking Spaces?  

Since 2005, the number of coworking spaces around the world has been steadily on the rise, according to CBC. Between 2012 and 2013, the number of coworking companies in the U.S. doubled, bringing the national total to over 800.

Such massive leaps in success and popular do not go unnoticed by large corporations, so it makes sense that several top companies are fully committed to learning more about coworking. More importantly, these companies continually find new ways to tap into the world of coworking to benefit their own businesses.

Just How Is Corporate America Tapping into the Coworking Phenomenon?

While still not a household term quite yet, “coworking” is likely to become one now that corporate America has caught on and plans to mine the invaluable resources that are coworking facilities. With companies like Con Agra, McDonald’s, Motorola and Kraft using coworking spaces, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

Following are just a few ways that corporate America is dipping its collective toe into the coworking pool:

  • Cultivating a Startup Culture. As millennials become an increasingly large part of the traditional workforce, corporate companies are trying to find new ways to appeal to this demographic and hold their interest. By stepping out of the traditional cube-o-sphere and into a coworking space, they offer a more open and free-flowing environment for younger workers. Renting space in a coworking facility definitely creates this atmosphere for a company with a transitional workforce.
  • Company Outings, Extended Retreats and Training Sessions. Since many coworking properties are often teeming with space and light, they serve as an ideal destination for short professional getaways for small training teams and single departments.
  • Remote Teams Work Locations. Perhaps a company has a new project but doesn’t yet have space for the new team. In such a case, companies can rent out space—perhaps a dedicated desk in our office, for example—or work out the details of renting a specified area in the facility to accommodate the remote team.
  • Consultants’ Workspace. Many large companies hire outside consultants who work largely for the cocmpany but who do not hold an office. A coworking space is the ideal solution for the corporation to accommodate the consultant—or consultants—without sacrificing in-house space for full-time employees and other needs.

This Could Be the Beginning of a Beautiful Professional Relationship

As large companies take a greater interest in coworking spaces, it seems like there is great potential success for everyone. At SharedSpace, we are excited and ready to embrace professional relationships with new companies interested in carving out some fresh new space in our Atlanta coworking space.

If you would like to learn more about our facilities, as well as our work with local companies, give us a call or start a chat session from our web page so we can talk or arrange a tour.

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