Managing a Coworking Space: Types of Memberships to Offer

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Managing your Atlanta coworking space is serious business, as you well know. The pace and direction of providing a cozy and functional harbor for local digital nomads changes constantly. Deskmag recently reported that nearly 1.2 million people around the world have worked in a coworking space. One of the bigger shifts that coworking managers have seen just in the past two years is the shift from small shared spaces that housed up to 10 freelancers to larger coworking communities with 150 or more members.

Structure Coworking Membership Options to Meet Tenant Needs

It is difficult to say just what is propelling coworking members to make the switch, but it is clear that competition is getting fierce out there. One of the best things you and your member services team can do is regularly monitor the needs of your members and prospective members as to the types of memberships and each membership tier includes.

At SharedSpace, we have found that listening to our community members’ needs and feedback has helped guide us toward creating and maintaining what we feel is a dynamic, affordable-at-any-business-phase with the option to advance as needed, and all-encompassing coworking facility for our members.

Hot Desk

The hot desk of any shared space community may serve as the iconic image that pops into a solopreneur’s mind when first considering investing in a coworking membership where everyone has the chance to interact and share ideas. That is certainly how we have worked to develop our own hot desk coworking environment. This classic membership type features access to our open work spaces on a first-come first-served basis during our regular business hours, an allowance of two conference room hours each month, and the chance to use our free WiFi and printing services.

Pro Desk

The Pro Desk offers our coworkers the chance to settle in at one of our common area desks with fellow coworkers. With access to a more conventional workspace, our coworkers get the chance to stretch out a little more while also having the chance to interact with fellow pro desk members. This membership tier offers our tenants 24/7 access to our facility to accommodate a variety of schedules and energy levels. We also provide 5 conference room hours at this tier.

Dedicated Desk

The dedicated desk gives busy coworking professionals the chance to take on their own permanent desk in one of our shared private offices, along with 10 conference room hours. These coworking spaces offer busy members the chance for to work in a quieter environment, which makes it easier to focus on more intensive projects while still working near like-minded professionals.

Private Offices

Perfect for members who need to occasionally host one-on-one client meetings or who need to regularly work on projects that require quiet and concentration, our private offices vary in size and price to serve a variety of needs. While private, private office members can still easily pop out into the shared areas to engage and enjoy fellow community members’ company. With 15 conference room hours, it is easy for our private office members to host meetings and work on larger projects as needed.

Conference Room Plan

You might consider offering additional a special conference room plan for an added fee. Coworking members at any membership level may need more time in the conference room as their business takes off, so work out reasonable fees to accommodate them.

We Can Help You Work Out Even More Membership Details

Our SharedSpace management team is constantly looking for new ways to serve our coworking community members. We would love to talk to you to bounce around more ideas, so feel free to contact us for a chat or to schedule a tour of our Atlanta coworking space.

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